Serija: DF

Magnetni in elektronski senzorji bližine.

DF-220, DF-220L05, DF-220L10, DF-220M08, DF-220M12, DF-R200L02, DF-R200M08, DF-T200L03, DF-T200M08, DF-330, DF-330L05, DF-330M08, DF-330M12, DF-440, DF-440M08, DF-440M12, DF-770, DF-770M08, DF-770M12, DF-001


Serija: DH

Magnetni in elektronski senzorji bližine.

DH-M16, DH-M16DF, DH-M20, DH-M20DF, DH-M25, DH-M25DF, DH-S25, DH-S32, DH-S40, DH-S50, DH-200, DH-200E, DH-200M08, DH-200M12, DH-500, DH-500M08, DH-500M12, DH-700, DH-700M08, DH-700M12, DHF-0020100, DHF-033M08, DHF-033M12, DHF-053M08, DHF-053M12, DH-K032050, DH-K063125, DH-K160200, DH-M10, DH-M10DF, DH-M12, DH-M12DF



Podrobnejše podatke najdete v tehnični dokumentaciji vsakega pogona zase.

KF-10032A, KF-10040A, KF-10050A, KF-10063A, KF-10080A, KF-10100A, KF-10125A, KF-10160A, KF-10200A, KF-10032AS, KF-10040AS, KF-10050AS, KF-10063AS, KF-10080AS, KF-10100AS, KF-10125AS, KF-10160AS, KF-10200AS, KF-11032, KF-11040, KF-11050, KF-11063, KF-11080, KF-11100, KF-11125, KF-11160, KF-11200, KF-11032S, KF-11040S, KF-11050S, KF-11063S, KF-11080S, KF-11100S, KF-11125S, KF-11160S, KF-11200S, KF-12032, KF-12040, KF-12050, KF-12063, KF-12080, KF-12100, KF-12125, KF-12160, KF-12200, KF-13032, KF-13040, KF-13050, KF-13063, KF-13080, KF-13100, KF-13125, KF-13160, KF-13200, KF-14032, KF-14040, KF-14050, KF-14063, KF-14080, KF-14100, KF-14125, KF-14160, KF-14200, KDF-14032, KDF-14040, KDF-14050, KDF-14063, KDF-14080, KDF-14100, KDF-14125, KLF-14032, KLF-14040, KLF-14050, KLF-14063, KLF-14080, KLF-14100, KLF-14125, KF-14032AP, KF-14040AP, KF-14050AP, KF-14063AP, KF-14080AP, KF-14100AP, KF-14125AP, KF-14160AP, KF-14200AP, KF-15032, KF-15040, KF-15050, KF-15080, KF-15125, KF-15160, KF-16032, KF-16040, KF-16050, KF-16080, KF-16125, KF-16160, KF-17032, KF-17040, KF-17050, KF-17080, KF-17125, KF-17160, KF-17N032, KF-17N040, KF-17N050, KF-17N080, KF-17N125, KF-17N160, KF-18032, KF-18040, KF-18050, KF-18063, KF-18080, KF-18100, KF-18125, KF-18160, KF-19032, KF-19040, KF-19050, KF-19063, KF-19080, KF-19100, KF-19032CTA, KF-19040CTA, KF-19050CTA, KF-19063CTA, KF-19080CTA, KF-19100CTA, KF-19125CTA, KF-19160CTA, KF-19200CTA, KF-19032SC, KF-19040SC, KF-19050SC, KF-19063SC, KF-19080SC, KF-19100SC, KF-19125SC, KF-19032CN, KF-19040050CN, KF-19063080CN, KF-19100125CN, KF-19160CN, KF-22025, KF-22040, KF-22050, KF-22080, KF-23025, KF-23040, KF-23050, KF-23080, KF-24032, KF-24040, KF-24050, KF-24080, KF-24125, KF-24160, KF-41032, KF-41040050, KF-41063080, KF-41100125, KF-41160200, JF-13016, JF-13025, JF-13032, JF-13040, JF-13050, JF-13063, JF-13080, JF-13100, JF-14016, JF-14025, JF-14032, JF-14040, JF-14050, JF-14063, JF-14100, JF-42016, JF-42025, JF-42040, JF-42050, JF-42063, JF-42100, JF-43016, JF-43025, JF-43040, JF-43050, JF-43063, JF-43100, JF-601016, JF-601025, JF-601032, JF-601040, JF-601050, JF-601063, JF-601080, JF-601100, MF-12008, MF-12012, MF-12020, MF-13008, MF-13012, MF-13020, MF-15008, MF-15012, MF-15020, MF-16008, MF-16012, MF-16020, MF-17008, MF-17012, MF-17020, MF-17N008, MF-17N012, MF-17N020, MF-20008, MF-20012, MF-20020, MF-21008, MF-21012, MF-21020, MF-22016, MF-22020, MF-23012, MF-23020, MF-24016, MF-24020, RPF-11016, RPF-11020, RPF-11025, RPF-12016, RPF-12020, RPF-12025, RPF-12032, RPF-12040, RPF-12050, RPF-12063, RPF-13016, RPF-13020, RPF-13025, RPF-13032, RPF-13040, RPF-13050, RPF-13063, RPF-14040, RPF-14050, RPF-14063, RPF-28016, RPF-28020, RPF-28025, RPF-28032, RPF-28040, RPF-28050, RPF-28063, RPF-29016, RPF-29020, RPF-29025, RPF-29032, RPF-29040, RPF-29050, RPF-29063, RSF-09032, RSF-09040, RSF-09050, RSF-09063, RSF-09080, RSF-09100, RSF-28040, RSF-28050, RSF-28063, RSF-29040, RSF-29050, RSF-29063, RTF-12025, RTF-12050, RTF-12063, RTF-13025, RTF-13050, RTF-13063, SF-11032, SF-11050, SF-12016, SF-12025, SF-12032, SF-12040, SF-12050, SF-13016, SF-13025, SF-13032, SF-13040, SF-13050, SF-24016, SF-24025, SF-24032, SF-26016, SF-26025, SF-26032, SF-27016, SF-27025, SF-27032, SF-28016, SF-28025, SF-28032, WF-50012, WF-50020, WF-50032, WF-50040, WF-50050, WF-50063, WF-50080, AZ4-SR06,41,6, AZ4-SR08,41,6, AZ4-SR10,52,0, AZ4-SR13,02,5, AZ4-VE0616, AZ4-VE0620, AZ4-VE0820, AZ4-VE0825, AZ4-VE1030, AZ4-VE1235, AZ4-VN0418, AZ4-VN0518, AZ4-VN0520, AZ4-VN0614, AZ4-VN0618, AZ4-VN0620, AZ4-VN0625, AZ4-VN0816, AZ4-VN0822, AZ4-VN0825, AZ4-VN0830, AZ4-VN1020, AZ4-VN1025, AZ4-VN1225, AZ4-VN1235, AZ4-VPA0816, AZ4-VPA0822, AZ4-VPA0825, AZ4-VPA0830, AZ4-VPA1020, AZ4-VPA1025, OVF-11018, OVF-11025, OVF-11032, OVF-11040, OVF-11050, OVF-11063, OVF-11080, OVF-12018, OVF-12025, OVF-12032, OVF-12040, OVF-12050, OVF-12063, OVF-12080, OVF-13018, OVF-13025, OVF-13032, OVF-13040, OVF-13050, OVF-13063, OVF-13080

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