Serija: RP/RM

UNITOP (RP) ISO 21287 (RM) kompaktni valj.

RP100, RP300, RP101, RP301, RP110, RP111, RP120, RP320, RP160, RP360, RP170, RP370, RP200, RP400, RP201, RP401, RP210, RP211, RP220, RP420, RP260, RP460, RP270, RP470, RM300, RM100, RM301, RM101, RM320, RM120, RM360, RM160, RM370, RM170, RM400, RM200, RM401, RM201, RM420, RM220, RM460, RM260, RM470, RM270,


serija: RO/RN

UNITOP (RO) ISO21287 (RN) kompaktni valj z osmero-kotno cevjo.

RO100, RO300, RO101, RO301, RO120, RO320, RO200, RO400, RO201, RO401, RO220, RO420, RN300, RN100, RN301, RN101, RN320, RN120, RN400, RN200, RN401, RN201, RN420, RN220


serija: RS

Močni kompaktni valj.

RS100, RS300, RS101, RS301, RS110, RS111, RS120, RS320, RS160, RS360, RS170, RS370, RS200, RS400, RS201, RS401, RS210, RS211, RS220, RS420, RS260, RS460, RS270, RS470


serija: RQ

Močni kompaktni valj z osmero-kotno cevjo.

RQ100, RQ300, RQ101, RQ301, RQ120, RQ320, RQ200, RQ400, RQ201, RQ401, RQ220, RQ420


serija: RM/RS Ø 80-100

Kompaktni valj po ISO 21287.


serija: RV

Močni kompaktni valj z vgrajenim ventilom.

RV100, RV101, RV200, RV201


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