Serija: R

Dvosmerni pnevmatski pogon z rotacijsko osjo in nastavljivim dušenjem Ø 32 ÷ 125 mm.

R11, R11M, R12, R12M, R13, R13M, R14, R14M


Serija: YR2

Pnevmatski zasučni pogon za avtomatizacijo procesov.

YR200DA0, YR201DA0, YR22ADA0, YR22BDA0, YR203DA0, YR235DA0, YR204DA0, YR245DA0, YR205DA0, YR255DA0, YR206DA0, YR208DA0, YR210DA0, YR201S12, YR22AS12, YR22BS12, YR203S12, YR235S12, YR204S12, YR245S12, YR205S12, YR255S12, YR206S12, YR208S12, YR210S12


Serija: YR3

Krožna delilna miza.

YR3010, YR3020, YR3030, YR3050, YR3070, YR3100


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