Pnevmatski ventili

Serija: CL/CM

Ročni ventili 3/2 – 5/2 – 5/3.

CL-100A, CL-100P, CL-101A, CL-101P, CL-102A, CL-102P, CL-103A, CL-103P, CL-104A, CL-104P, CL-105A, CL-105P, CL-106A, CL-106AL, CL-110A, CL-110P, CL-111A, CL-111P, CL-112A, CL-112P, CL-113A, CL-113P, CL-118R, CL-119R, CL-120, CL-120A, CL-120P, CL-121R, CL-122R, CL-123, CL-123A, CL-123D, CL-126A, CL-130, CL-200, CL-200A, CL-203, CL-220, CL-221, CL-224, CL-300, CL-301, CL-302A, CL-303A, CL-320, CL-321, CL-322, CL-9102A, CL-9102P, CL-9103A, CL-9103P, CL-9110A, CL-9110P, CL-9111A, CL-9111P, CL-9113A, CL-9113P, CL-9118R, CL-9120, CL-9120A, CL-9120P, CL-9121R, CL-9123, CL-9123A, CL-9123D, CL-9130, CL-9200, CL-9200A, CL-9203, CL-9220, CL-9221, CL-9224, CL-9300, CL-9301, CL-9302A, CL-9303A, CL-9320, CL-9321, CL-9322, CM-400A, CM-400P, CM-401A, CM-401P, CM-402A, CM-402P, CM-403A, CM-403P, CM-404A, CM-404P, CM-405A, CM-405P, CM-406A, CM-406AL, CM-410A, CM-410P, CM-411A, CM-411P, CM-412A, CM-412P, CM-413A, CM-413P, CM-418R, CM-419R, CM-420, CM-420A, CM-420P, CM-421R, CM-422R, CM-423, CM-423A, CM-423D, CM-423E, CM-423F, CM-424E, CM-424F, CM-425E, CM-425F, CM-426A, CM-430, CM-430E, CM-435E, CM-440E, CM-500, CM-500A, CM-520, CM-521, CM-524, CM-580, CM-585, CM-590, CM-600, CM-602A, CM-620, CM-621, CM-622, CM-680, CM-685, CM-690, CM-9402A, CM-9402P, CM-9403A, CM-9403P, CM-9410A, CM-9410P, CM-9411A, CM-9411P, CM-9413A, CM-9413P, CM-9418R, CM-9420, CM-9420A, CM-9420P, CM-9421R, CM-9423, CM-9423A, CM-9423D, CM-9423E, CM-9423F, CM-9424E, CM-9424F, CM-9425E, CM-9425F, CM-9430, CM-9430E, CM-9435E, CM-9440E, CM-9500, CM-9500A, CM-9520, CM-9521, CM-9524, CM-9580, CM-9585, CM-9590, CM-9600, CM-9602A, CM-9620, CM-9621, CM-9622, CM-9680, CM-9685, CM-9690, AM-5148, AM-5151, AM-5152, CP-100, CP-101, CP-105, CP-110, CP-111, CP-112, CP-911G, CP-911N, CP-911R, CP-911V, CP-912G, CP-912N, CP-912R, CP-913R, CP-915R, CP-916R, CP-9100, CP-9101, CP-9105, CP-9110, CP-9111, CP-9112


Serija: E

Ročni miniaturni ventil COMPA 2.

E-0220, E-0222, E-0240, E-0244, E-0270, E-0277, E-0420, E-0422, E-0440, E-0444, E-0470, E-0477, E-0522, E-0622, E-0722, E-0822, E-0922, E-1022, E-15402A, E-15403A, E-15412A, E-15420, E-15420A, E-15422G, E-15422N, E-15422R, E-4500, E-4505


Serija: F

Miniaturni ventili COMPA 4.

F-0220, F-0222, F-0240, F-0244, F-0270, F-0277, F-0522, F-0544, F-0577, F-0622, F-0644, F-0677, F-0722, F-0744, F-0777, F-4500, F-4505


Serija: G6

Ventili in magnetni ventili 20 mm – G 1/8 z navojnim ohišjem.

G-6230, G-6231, G-6233, G-6240, G-6241, G-6244, G-6250, G-6251, G-6255, G-6260, G-6261, G-6266, G-6333, G-6344, G-6355, G-6366, G-6433, G-6444, G-6455, G-6466, G-6533, G-6544, G-6555, G-6566, G-6633, G-6644, G-6655, G-6666, G-6733, G-6744, G-6755, G-6766, G-6833, G-6844, G-6855, G-6866


Serija: GL6

Ventili in magnetni ventili 20 mm – G 1/8.

GL-6230, GL-6231, GL-6233, GL-6240, GL-6241, GL-6244, GL-6250, GL-6251, GL-6255, GL-6260, GL-6261, GL-6266, GL-6333, GL-6344, GL-6355, GL-6366, GL-6433, GL-6444, GL-6455, GL-6466, GL-6533, GL-6544, GL-6555, GL-6566, GL-6633, GL-6644, GL-6655, GL-6666, GL-6733, GL-6744, GL-6755, GL-6766, GL-6833, GL-6844, GL-6855, GL-6866, AZ4-SN004A, AZ4-VN0416, GP-6100, GP-6110, GP-611212, GP-611806, GP-6210, GP-6211, GP-6212, GP-6220, GP-6221, GP-6222, GP-6230, GP-6231, GP-6232, GP-6240, GP-6241, GP-6242, GP-6285, GP-6310, GP-6311, GP-6312, GP-6320, GP-6321, GP-6322, GP-6330, GP-6331, GP-6332, GP-6340, GP-6341, GP-6342, GP-6380, GP-6385, GP-6400-1, GP-6400-2, GP-6400-5, GP-6411, GP-6512-01MF, GP-6512-02MF, GP-6512-03MF, GP-6512-05MF, GP-6512-06MF, GP-6514-01MF, GP-6514-02MF, GP-6514-03MF, GP-6514-05MF, GP-6514-06MF, GP-651418, GZR-100, GZR-V10004, GZR-V10006, GZR-V10008, GZR-V20004, GZR-V20006, GZR-V20008, GZR-V20L004, GZR-V20L006, GZR-V20L008,
GZR-100, GZR-V10004, GZR-V10006, GZR-V10008, GZR-V20004, GZR-V20006, GZR-V20008, GZR-V20L004, GZR-V20L006, GZR-V20L008


Serija: G7

Ventili in magnetni ventili 26 mm – G 1/8.

G-7230, G-7231, G-7233, G-7290, G-7291, G-7299, G-7333, G-7399, G-7433, G-7499, G-7533, G-7599, AM-5151, AM-5152, G-7885, G-7900-02, G-7900-03, G-7900-04, G-7900-05, G-7900-06, G-7900-07, G-7900-08, G-7900-09, G-7900-10, G-7900-11, G-7900-12


Serija: PS

COMBOBOX pomanjšan ventili s podložno ploščo (zavzame 30% manj prostora).

PSC26024, PSC26124, PSC26624, PSC36624, PSC46624, PSC56624, PSC66624, PSC76624, PSC86624, PSP26024, PSP26124, PSP26624, PSP36624, PSP46624, PSP56624, PSP66624, PSP76624, PSP86624, PSR220, PSR221, PSR222,
PSR223, PSR322, PSR422, PSR522, PSR622, PSR722, PSR822, D-530C-100, D-530C-200, GZR-100, GZR-101, GZR-102, GZR-V10004, GZR-V10006, GZR-V10008, GZR-V20004, GZR-V20006, GZR-V20008, GZR-V20L004, GZR-V20L006, GZR-V20L008, PS14100, PS14200, PS15000, PS15100, PS15200, PS15300, PS153001, PS15310, PS153101, PS15320, PS153201, PS15330, PS153301, PS15340, PS15350, PS15360, PS15370, PSK100145, PSK200145, PSK200290, PSK200725, PSK300145, PSK401, TIM06B, TIM06M, TIM10B, TIM10M, TIM20M, TSCF000, TSCF24S0300, TSCF24S0500, TSCF24S1000


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