Standardni ventili

Serija: BE/BE12

ISO 5599/1 ventili.

BE-3000, BE-3020, BE-3030, BE-3060, BE-3100, BE-3150, BE-3170, BE-3200, BE-3205, BE-3700, BE-3720, BE-3730, BE-3760, BE-3800, BE-3850, BE-3870, BE-3900, BE-3940, BE-4000, BE-4020, BE-4030, BE-4060, BE-4100, BE-4150, BE-4170, BE-4200, BE-4205, BE-4700, BE-4720, BE-4730, BE-4760, BE-4800, BE-4850, BE-4870, BE-4900, BE-4940, BE-5000, BE-5020, BE-5030, BE-5060, BE-5100, BE-5150, BE-5170, BE-5200, BE-5205, BE-5700, BE-5720, BE-5730, BE-5760, BE-5800, BE-5850, BE-5870, BE-5900, BE-5940, BE-6000, BE-6020, BE-6030, BE-6060, BE-6100, BE-6150, BE-6170, BE-6200, BE-6205, BE-6700, BE-6720, BE-6730, BE-6760, BE-6800, BE-6850, BE-6870, BE-6900, BE-6940, BE12-3000, BE12-3020, BE12-3205, BE12-3700, BE12-3720, BE12-3900, BE12-3940, BE12-4000, BE12-4020, BE12-4205, BE12-4700, BE12-4720, BE12-4900, BE12-4940, BE12-5000, BE12-5020, BE12-5205, BE12-5700, BE12-5720, BE12-5900, BE12-5940, BF-1060, BF-1061, BF-1062, BF-1063, BF-1064, BF-1065, BF-1066, BF-1068, BF-1070, BF-1071, BF-1071S, BF-1072, BF-1072S, BF-1085, BF-1150, BF-1151, BF-1152, BF-1153, BF-1154, BF-1155, BF-1160, BF-1161, BF-1162, BF-1175, BF-1190, BF-3060, BF-3061, BF-3063, BF-3064, BF-3071, BF-3072, BF-3082, BF-3175, BF-3190, BF-3191, BF-4060, BF-4061, BF-4062, BF-4063


Serija: AE

Serija lahkih ventilov za ISO 5599/1 s podnožji.

AE-1000, AE-1003, AE-1009, AE-1010, AE-1100, AE-1103, AE-1120, AE-1121, AM-5151. BF-1060. BF-1061. BF-1062. BF-1063. BF-1065. BF-1066. BF-1068. BF-1070, BF-1071, BF-1071S, BF-1072, BF-1072S, BF-1150, BF-1151, BF-1152, BF-1153, BF-1154, BF-1155, BF-1160, BF-1161, BF-1162


Serija: BD

ISO 15407-1/2 ventili.

BDA-3230, BDA-3231, BDA-3233, BDA-3240, BDA-3241, BDA-3244, BDA-3333, BDA-3344, BDA-3433, BDA-3444, BDA-3533, BDA-3544, BDA-3633, BDA-3644, BDA-3733, BDA-3744, BDA-3833, BDA-3844, BDA-4230, BDA-4231, BDA-4233, BDA-4240, BDA-4241, BDA-4244, BDA-4333, BDA-4344, BDA-4433, BDA-4444, BDA-4533, BDA-4544, BDA-4633, BDA-4644, BDA-4733, BDA-4744, BDA-4833, BDA-4844, BDB-324024, BDB-324124, BDB-324424, BDB-334424, BDB-344424, BDB-354424, BDB-364424, BDB-374424, BDB-384424, BDB-424024, BDB-424124, BDB-424424, BDB-434424, BDB-444424, BDB-454424, BDB-464424, BDB-474424,BDB-484424, BDE-324024, BDE-324124, BDE-324424, BDE-334424, BDE-344424, BDE-354424, BDE-364424, BDE-374424, BDE-384424, BDE-424024, BDE-424124, BDE-424424, BDE-434424,
BDE-444424, BDE-454424, BDE-464424, BDE-474424, BDE-484424, AM-5109, BDF-3100, BDF-3110, BDF-3115, BDF-3120, BDF-3125, BDF-3140TIM, BDF-3180, BDF-3185, BDF-3190, BDF-3191, BDF-3210, BDF-3211, BDF-3212, BDF-3230, BDF-3231, BDF-3232, BDF-3310, BDF-3311, BDF-3312, BDF-3330, BDF-3331, BDF-3332, BDF-3400, BDF-4100, BDF-4110, BDF-4115, BDF-4120, BDF-4125, BDF-4140 TIM, BDF-4180, BDF-4185, BDF-4210, BDF-4211, BDF-4212, BDF-4220, BDF-4221, BDF-4222, BDF-4230, BDF-4231, BDF-4232, BDF-4310, BDF-4311, BDF-4312, BDF-4320, BDF-4321, BDF-4322, BDF-4330, BDF-4331, BDF-4332, BDF-4400, GZR-100, GZR-V10004, GZR-V10006, GZR-V10008, GZR-VV1006, GZR-VV1008, GZR-VV1010, TSCFN16D0300, TSCFN16D0500, TSCFN16D1000, TSCFN24S000, TSCFN24S0300, TSCFN24S0500, TSCFN24S1000


Serija: AC-N

NAMUR ventil.

AC-N8100, AC-N8120, AC-N8500, AC-N8520


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