Ventili za medije

Serija: YR

Pnevmatski ventili z medeninastimi pipami.

YR240008DA, YR240010DA, YR240015DA, YR240020DA, YR240025DA, YR240032DA, YR240040DA, YR240050DA, YR240065DA, YR240080DA, YR240100DA, YR25008SR, YR250010SR, YR250015SR, YR250020SR, YR250025SR, YR250032SR, YR250040SR, YR250050SR, YR250065SR, YR250080SR, YR240008SR, YR240010SR, YR240015SR, YR240020SR, YR240025SR, YR240032SR, YR240040SR, YR240050SR, YR240065SR, YR240080SR, YR240100SR, YR260008DA, YR260010DA, YR260015DA, YR260020DA, YR260025DA, YR260032DA, YR260040DA, YR260050DA, YR260065DA, YR260080DA, YR250008DA, YR250010DA, YR250015DA, YR250020DA, YR250025DA, YR250032DA, YR250040DA, YR250050DA, YR250065DA, YR250080DA, YR260008LM, YR260010LM, YR260015LM, YR260020LM, YR260025LM, YR260032LM, YR260040LM, YR260050LM, YR260065LM, YR260080LM, YR250008LM, YR250010LM, YR250015LM, YR250020LM, YR250025LM, YR250032LM, YR250040LM, YR250050LM, YR250065LM, YR250080LM, YR260008SR, YR260010SR, YR260015SR, YR260020SR, YR260025SR, YR260032SR, YR260040SR, YR260050SR, YR260065SR, YR260080SR, YR270008DA, YR270010DA, YR270015DA, YR270020DA, YR270025DA, YR270032DA, YR270040DA, YR270050DA, YR280008LM, YR280010LM, YR280015LM, YR280020LM, YR280025LM, YR280032LM, YR280040LM, YR280050LM, YR270008LM, YR270010LM, YR270015LM, YR270020LM, YR270025LM, YR270032LM, YR270040LM, YR270050LM, YR280008DA, YR280010DA, YR280015DA, YR280020DA, YR280025DA, YR280032DA, YR280040DA, YR280050DA, YR270008SR, YR270010SR, YR270015SR, YR270020SR, YR270025SR, YR270032SR, YR270040SR, YR270050SR, YR280008SR, YR280010SR, YR280015SR, YR280020SR, YR280025SR, YR280032SR, YR280040SR, YR280050SR


Serija: AP

Binarni števec (flip flop).

AP-500, AP-520


Serija: AM50

Regulatorji pretoka M5 – G1.


Serija: AM51

Ventil ALI G1/8 – cev Ø 4.

AM-5160, AM-5161, AM-5162, AM-5163, AM-5164


Serija: AM52

Dvosmerni ventil s postopnim vklopom G1/8 ÷ G1.

AM-5240, AM-5241, AM-5242, AM-5242E, AM-5243, AM-5243E, AM-5254, AM-5255, AM-5256, AM-5259, AM-5260, AM-5261


Serija: AM53

Regulator porabe G1/8 ÷ G1.

AM-5350, AM-5351, AM-5352, AM-5353, AM-5354, AM-5355, AM-5356


Serija: AM54

Nepovratni ventil G1/2 – G1.

AM-5400, AM-5401, AM-5402


Serija: AM55

Blokirni ventil.

AM-5500, AM-5501, AM-5502, AM-5503, AM-5504, AM-5505, AM-5510, AM-5511, AM-5512, AM-5513, AM-5514, AM-5515


Serija: AM5200

Elektropnevmatski pretvornik.


Serija: AM5220

Kalibrirano tlačno stikalo.


Serija: HZ9N

Digitalno tlačno stikalo.

HZ9NC02, HZ9NC04, HZ9NP02, HZ9NP04, HZ9NP4004, HZ9NP4004M8, HZ9NP50030, HZ9N1F, HZ9N2F, HZ9N0M, HZ9N1M, HZ9N7M, HZ9N1F1, HZ9N2F1, HZ9N2F2


Serija: HZ9N12

Tlačno stikalo G 1/8.

HZ9N12110060, HZ9N12110080, HZ9N12A, HZ9N12B, HZ9N12C


Serija: YF

Ventili za medije z električnim aktiviranjem G1/8 ÷ G1.

YF210061D, YF210062D, YF210082D, YF210151S, YF210201S, YF210251S, YF310061D, YF310082D


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